We went on the Co-op trip with the Calaveras Club to a Tungston Mine near Benton Hot Springs. It turned out to be a little too cold for us to stay, but we had fun anyway. This mine really required 4 wheel drive to be able to get up to the good stuff....or a 2 hour hike straight up... so on the 2nd day we hit some of our favorite places in the area.

We took 108 over the Sierra's... a little snow!
It was a winter wonderland!
This was the view from our campsite
There were up to 50 people by the end of the weekend... they all had RV's & Trailers except us!
Yes...this is ice!....our soapy water actually froze overnight.
We went to our own Tungston locality and found some epidote & garnet.
Looking back at the tungsten hills & Terry & Bud in the distance
We stopped at Hot Creek... where people were actually swimming in the creek... its fine until you get out... it was windy & bitterly cold.
A hill of pumice
It was snowing everywhere....we went home early!