$30.00 ea (Plus shipping & handling)


Plastic Case, Laminated ID Card /Fluorescence explanation, Laminated Light Spectrum Card

and includes a powerful Longwave Ultraviolet LED Light.

(Also sold separately)


  • Brown Fluorite (fluoresces cream / faint yellow-green)
  • Calcite (fluoresces pink)
  • Hackmanite (fluoresces light orange /pink speckled)
  • Wernerite (fluoresces bright yellow with purple)
  • Green Fluorite (fluoresces bright blue)


  • Hackmanite (fluoresces bright orange & purple)
  • Travertine (fluoresces light bands of white, purple & green)
  • Petrified Wood (fluoresces tan-orange)
  • Cluette Glass (fluoresces bright green)
  • Fluorite Crystals (the crystals fluoresce blue, matrix tan

(Samples may vary depending on availability)

Each ID Card has a picture of each sample in normal light and under the longwave ultraviolet light, and location of each. The back of the card gives a definition of fluorescence and a full description of the LED Ultraviolet light.