Longwave LED Fluorescent Flashlights!

 ONLY $40.00 each!
9 Bulb LED Flashlight w/Filter in holster
Long Lasting and on 3ea AAA Batteries!
Single LED Pen Light in holster
uses a single AAA Battery
A true long-wave (UV A) LED Flashlight

 These are new items which emits ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 385nm. It is powerful enough to make gems and minerals fluoresce even in normal room lighting. This field tested UV mineral-quality flashlight comes with a professional grade filter to block white (visible) light (also emitted from the LED’s), which otherwise would make it difficult to see the fluorescent reactions. Many long wave reacting gems such as rubies and diamonds show a strong fluorescence even in bright room lighting.

This flashlight will reveal all special fluorescent markings on recent United States paper currency $5 or greater. You can check for authentication marking on credit cards and other forms of ID (our CA Driver's Licenses have fluorescent symbols on them). Privacy marking pens such as the Sanford Security Marker (offered separately) work especially well.

Antique dealers and artifact collectors can detect repairs (the glue usually shows brightly in the long wave UV light) or reworked arrow and spear points out of flint. Recent chipping on Texas chert shows brighter reaction than weathered and old flaking.

The flashlight ships ready to use - complete with 3 AAA batteries and a convenient nylon holder to carry on a belt.

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