This year we left later to make the end of the Tucson Show.


On the way to Quartzite we made a short stop to Dish Hill


We found some nice pieces of olivine crystals inside of volcanic bombs

This was the view coming into Quartzite AZ. Usually the view is filled with white, the color of all the RV's parked in the valley. This year we came too late! The only dealers left were craft people.... NO ROCKS or MINERALS!!! A bit of a disappointment.


Well then, on to Tucson!


Tucson was fun. The show is set up in several hotels all over the city. Each Hotel room has been rearranged to make it into display rooms. Each room seems to be from a different county, different theme.


Many of the rooms have museum quality specimens, way out of our price range!

We just browse and drool.


 One of the things we did purchase, and you can see at our next show, is the Fluorescent Fluorite from England.

Other than being fluorescent, these specimens also have another cool quality.

Notice the top picture, it is all green in color, the bottom one shows the same piece in sunlight (direct or in-direct) and a purplish-blue hue shows around the edges.


We also have some new specimens of the Pyrite from Spain. These pieces are much larger than those we have had previously.

We also have some new Celestite, Cinnabar and tourmaline.


You never know what you will find at these shows! This is a mock up of a Shark jaw & Teeth. Inside this vendor's room wall to wall shark teeth!



This vendor sculptured replicas of dinosaurs, really detailed.

If you like this one, it can be yours for the low, low price of $38,000.00!

 This was a disgusting display of wealth!

Crates of the Brazilian Geodes!


Here are some links to the shows, if you are interested...


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