Our Second Trip to the Himalaya Mine

Again, with our fearless leader & guide....Simon


Some new pictures of the site and what we found:


If you look hard, you can see 5 people looking for tourmaline amongst the rubble.


The Himalaya Mine Mascot & puppies


Here is one of the Mine Entrances


The other entrance..


Most of us did better on our first trip.... but we still had alot of fun this time around!


Some nice pink and green color on this Watermelon piece


Alot of pieces you find are parts of larger crystals


It nice when you find one that is complete all the way around


Lots of nice pink and green pieces


A nice candy apple green tourmaline!


Some Nice Watermelon tourmaline this time!


This one has a grayish/blue color and a very nice termination!

To contact Simon to schedule a trip:

We stayed in cabins at Lake Henshaw, it was a nice clean place to stay with a small kitchen & bath in the cabin.

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