Just a few interesting signs we have come across over the years.


From the Kansas City Airport...take cover Toto!

This is an actual sign from Turkey

 Utah Porn??? (Salina, UT)


 Imaginative! (Glenn Canyon, CO)

 One Hell of a Highway! (from Montecello, CO)

  Arlow Guthrie would be proud! (Montecello, CO)

 A ticket waiting to happen! (Photo from K.Pergrem)

One shot shopping!!

Exit stage right! (Valley Springs, CA)



Warning..... glowing bats! (Capital Reef, UT)

\Hi De Ho! (Near Zion Nat'l Park, UT) 

This is found on a floating porta-potty at McClure Lake, CA 


Myrtle Exit in Monrovia, CA

  No Comment! (Vernal, UT)