The Start of our trip...


Yes, the white stuff on the mountains is snow!


A couple of hard core bikers kept following us!


We stop for gas.... they stop for gas..


It was a rough ride into Phoenix.


But had some really cool areas of Joshua Trees & cactus.


One of the fossil areas at the Tucson Show


Most of these are replicas.


The size does put things into perspective!


Mike found a few smoky quartz crystals he wanted to take home...they were a little too heavy to carry back to the truck.


I can't imagine how long it must have taken to make this huge quartz sphere.


We never get tired of looking at the amethyst geodes.


I know just the place to put these in our house!


Our friends in Phoenix...Bruce, Priscilla, Stuart Kitty & the gang of cats..


Camera wars.....I think we won!

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