We do several shows a year, and are always getting in new stuff.
The fluorescent minerals below, we usually have a selection in stock
Please e-mail your requests for specific size and prices.

Calcite from Mexico (Terlingua Type)
LW (lft) Pink, SW (rt) blue
MW is a salmon/pink color
Largest sizes 5-6"
Green Fluorite from Nevada
Fluoresces purple LW/SW
Common Opal for NW Nevada
Bright Green SW,MW,LW
Karpetite from California
Strands of fluorescence "electric blue" color, very vibrant.. in SW, MW, LW
Common Opal from Napa Area
limited supply - no longer available after our supply is out.
Bright yellow SW/LW
Tugtupite from Greenland
LW/MW/SW - some tenebrescent
Top pict is LW -oranges / Bottom SW reds & greens
Both pieces with actual crystals, and others with surface benitoite.. SW only white/blue
Eucryptite from the Midnite Owl Mine, Tempe, AZ
SW Only - bright red
Scheelite -From California
SW only - bright white
Minerals from the Humite Group
from Canada
SW Only Speckled with Yellow and blue/green fluorescents - minerals unknown
Franklinite (Willemite & Calcite) & some with Hardystonite
From both Sterling Hill & Franklin Mines
Mostly all SW -some Willemite LW
Willemite -Green, Calcite Red -Hardystonite Purple


Hackmanite from Canada

LW only - Orange speckled - matrix rock shows light purple


Wernerite from Canada

SW & LW Yellow speckled -matrix rock shows light purple



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