our visit to ULTRAVIOLATION 2013

the show with the lights on

the show with the lights off

Looking over the room during the dark 20 minutes

Some one-of a kind pieces

Very nice displays

Fluorescent Minerals from Greenland (Tugtupite)

Fluorescent Minerals from Sweeden (Calcite & Dolomite)

An exhibit case at the show

If you find yourself in New Jersey around the last weekend of October - go see it - it is the only show that is ONLY FLUORESCENTS!

2013 flyer: http://www.mineralfest.com/flyers/2013ultraviolation.pdf



The next day we visited the Franklin & Sterling Hill Flurescent Mining Museums

If you go, contact them to find out their exact hours and info... we found out that the hours on the websites are not always correct!



This is as far as we got with the Franklin Mine, they opened an hour later that the website said - so we went to Sterling Hill 3 miles away - when through their tour and sped off to the airport for home.


Recommend this tour- it takes 2 hours, but they have an amazing museum / displays not to mention the fluorescent display rooms!


As you walk in to the museum

The museum is in the shower /locker building used during mining for zinc ore

Huge displays of crystals, fossils and rock types

The miners would hang their boots up to dry them out in these baskets

Where the showers used to be, there are now display cases with amazing displays of minerals - world class!

And of course the fluorescent minerals.. this was one room of several to see fluorescents... but you have to take the tour to see them.

Bowling ball size!

Going in the mine

Battery packs for the miners - they looked for the fluorescent willemite (fluoresces green) to find the zinc ore

Elevator down?

The famous RAINBOW ROOM in the mine.. really cool! about 20 ft across

And yes, more fluorescent minerals at the end of the tour!

Huge boulders of fluorescent minerals